Use the Horizon Patient Folder to leverage document management software that gives physicians, HIM personnel, and other hospital staff anytime, anywhere access to review, analyze, code, and complete electronic charts in their electronic medical records system. The Patient Folder allows HIM departments to become virtual, giving staff the ability to work remotely while letting authorized hospital personnel view patient records electronically.

In addition, it provides physicians with secure online access from their home, office, or hospital which further streamlines clinical and HIM workflow.

Information from MEDITECH and other systems are uploaded. At the end of the patient’s stay, all paper in the chart is scanned into HPF. (Note: HPF is the historic electronic medical record, while Meditech is the concurrent record for the patient during the visit.)


  • Shortened medical accounts receivable (A/R) cycle, decreased DNDB, cost savings and operational efficiencies
  • Improved physician productivity with more time for patient care
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance made possible with document imaging system
  • Audit tools to manage the RAC process, including automated RAC workflows and tracking tools
  • Release of information management including fulfilling, billing, and tracking requests and releases, as well as accounting for disclosures reporting for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations


  • Document management
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Web-based
  • Work remotely

HPF WebStation