The MEDITECH Emergency Department Management application helps clinicians manage patients quickly and efficiently, from the moment he or she enters the Emergency Department until discharge.

As an integrated component of the Meditech EHR, Emergency Department Management supports the seamless exchange of patient information between the acute care and ED settings, expediting care and providing all clinicians with the complete information they need to make safer, more informed decisions.


  • Manage patient flow, access real-time patient information, and prioritize workload with a centralized ED Tracker
  • Document care using customizable assessments and physician templates
  • Quickly receive and triage patients
  • Register, discharge, and transfer patients directly from the ED Tracker
  • Place orders using CPOE and incorporate evidence-based order sets
  • View the latest results and medical histories
  • Electronically transmit ambulatory prescriptions and retrieve insurance claim histories using e-Prescribing technology from DrFrist
  • Print complete discharge paperwork and manage follow-up calls
  • Documentation for Triage and Treatment based on patient’s Chief Complaint for clinical staff (non-physician)


  • Manage patient flow
  • Meditech-based
  • Mobile-ready