Physician Notification is a web based application that allows healthcare providers to receive patient event notifications via email, Fax, or SMS text message. Within the application, providers have the ability to refine their email, fax, and/or text notifications.

Multi-faceted, Customizable Enrollment / Delivery Options

  • Options include:
    • Inpatient Admit/Discharge
    • ED Registration/Discharge
    • ICU Transfer
    • Birth
    • Death
    • Discharge AMA
  • Timing
    • Email: Batched or hourly notifications offered
    • Fax: Hourly
    • Text: 15 minutes after patient event occurs
  • Secondary Provider and up to 3 Proxy designations available.
  • PDOC included, if available up to 7 days post discharge.
  • Optional: Discharge Instructions.
  • Option to stop notifications while out of the office.


  • Increased security and compliance
  • Electronic physician/email verification process (no more physical signatures needed from PCPs)
  • Multifaceted, customized delivery options and trigger events
  • Improved/easier user interface (enrollment & notification)
  • PDOC included if available within 7 days of discharge
  • On‚Äźdemand Physician Notification reports (for PPR and PSC)
  • Complimentary with PatientKeeper Clinician Portal, VDI Remote Access, Meditech Remote Access, HIE Clinical Viewer. To request remote access call your Provider Solutions Specialist (PSC).

Additional Details

  • Patients must identify their primary care physician during registration/admission for the notification to be sent.
  • For text notifications, information will be sent as a HIPAA compliant message with the patient’s first three letters of their last name and the first two letters of their first name.
  • For email and fax notifications, the full patient name will be visible. Emails are encrypted.
  • If you have questions or need assistance contact you Provider Solutions Specialist (PSC).

How-to Enroll

  1. Contact your Provider Solutions Specialist (PSC) or your Physician Relations Representatives to request a paper enrollment form.
  2. Fill out the paper enrollment form and email or fax it to your Provider Solutions Specialist
  3. Once your provider(s) has/have been enrolled, notifications will start being sent via the method, text, email or fax, chosen.