HCA Healthcare’s PatientKeeper mobile app supports physicians’ clinical workflow and provides anytime, anywhere access to aggregated clinical data including clinical notes, labs, vitals, diagnostic imaging reports and image, enter charges and more -- all from within a single app on an iPad®, iPhone® or Android device!

PatientKeeper Mobile Highlights:

  • Review and manage an accurate, up-to-date patient list.
  • Access and trend lab results from hospital-based laboratories.
  • Review radiology, microbiology, and pathology test results.
  • Review medication lists (including IV meds) and see a history of discontinued meds.
  • View all clinical notes including admit, progress, consult, discharge, and operative notes.
  • Review an at-a-glance vital signs as well as input/output measurements.
  • Review a patient’s known allergies
  • Enter charges for each patient visit/encounter. Easily identify visits with missing charges.

Install - Apple:

Install - Android:

  • Visit hCare in a browser on your device
    • apk will begin downloading automatically.
  • Install PatientKeeper.apk once downloaded from Files/Downloads.
  • Enter host name (see below)
  • Login with your HCA 3-4 ID & Password

Viewing Mobile Imaging

The PatientKeeper app provides easy access to test result images, so that you can view important patient information anytime, anywhere. Viewing Images for Radiology Tests (patientkeeper.com) (video)

Secure, Provider-to-Provider Messaging

PatientKeeper empowers providers to communicate with colleagues via secure text anytime, anywhere on their personal smart device. Starting a Conversation (patientkeeper.com) (video)

  • Secure file sharing including patient specific images
  • Messages are private, secure
  • Move efficiently through your workflow to expedite patient care
  • Share virtual conversations with peers regarding clinical data
  • Send a link or a picture saved on your PC or device
  • Receive instant notification of a message, on or offline
  • Messages retained 30 days, free from the patient record
  • Messages are kept from data or analytical reporting